Stefan Blos



  • Languages

    • Swift

      Knowledge of fundamental principles and structure of coding in Swift

    • Python

      Solving complex problem statements and applying it to Machine Learning challenges

    • HTML, CSS, JS

      Building performant and beautiful websites with a sense for design and UX

  • App development

    • iOS

      Building apps with UIKit and SwiftUI with a focus on clean UI and usefullness for the user

    • Flutter

      Cross-plattform apps that respect the guidelines on all platforms and fulfill a purpose

    • Web

      Creating websites with React, GatsbyJS, Publish and other frameworks through thorough knowledge of the basics

  • Machine Learning & AI

    • Foundations

      Deep knowledge of underlying algorithms and functionalities through focus on ML & AI in my Master's program

    • PyTorch

      Building machine learning pipelines achieved through practice and a learning scholarship by Facebook

    • Tensorflow

      Experience creating machine learning models and solving complex tasks


  • iOS Developer Relations Engineer


    • Content creation

      Building samples from our SDK to showcase potential use-cases, blogging, creating Youtube-videos and doing Open-Source work and projects.

    • Engineering and project work

      Being involved in product development, working in an agile environment, finding potential improvements to the SDK and the overall exposure of the engineering team and work.

    • Community work

      Strong presence in the social channels (Twitter, Reddit, Stackoverflow, Discord, etc.), speaking at conferences, interacting via Twitter Spaces and/or podcasts.

  • Software developer


    • Web development

      Building accessible websites in small teams with React, GatsbyJS, Storybook and TailwindCSS

    • Backend

      Creating scalable backend software in Python and JS with AWS, AWS Lambda and EC2

    • DevOps

      Automation of deployment and integration of software with Github Actions, Terraform and Cloud Technologies

  • App developer


    • iOS apps

      Building apps for clients including assistance in the concept phase, design, development and distribution

    • iOS frameworks

      Experience with common iOS frameworks such as UIKit, SwiftUI, ARKit, CoreML, CreateML, MapKit, SpriteKit.

    • Flutter apps

      Creating cross-platform apps for iOS and Android with Flutter and Dart and adaptions for platform-specific UX

  • Working student

    Siemens Healthineers & GmbH

    • Machine learning

      Exploring and evaluating ML models and AI solutions in the car industry

    • Software development

      Engineering software in Java, Kotlin, Python, Javascript, Typescript that shipped in production

    • Test Automation

      Writing unit as well as integration tests for FDA-approved healthcare software